Hey all im back !

July 29, 2009

Hey all,

It has been ages since i have written on this but i am now in year 7 and in INDO. IM BORED.

I have finsihed my footy season and we missed out on the finals by one game :(.

I got to go a teacher is comin…..




June 19, 2008

🙂  😦  😕  😛  😀  :C  :O  :S

My Week So Far!!

June 19, 2008

Hello Saints3512 speaking,

My week so far consits of………….

1. Our class had the laptops and we went online to a student confrence were we sent in out thought about what should happen to the furture.

2. We played interschool sports and lost by 98 points lol (footy).

3. I said my german poem to the german teacher and stuff like that.

Thats about it and i hopw to be writing more soon BYE.

From Saint3512.